Since 2014 I lead Watsco Ventures, the Startup Studio and Corporate Venture Capital division of Watsco, Inc, a $4.8B revenue fortune 600 company. Prior to joining Watsco I started and ran two Startup accelerators, one in Europe and one in the USA. I was also the cofounder of two Startups and was a management consultant.

This blog for business leaders who are looking for a source of good quality content that will help them think about and implement the strategies and tactics that will support the achievement of their business and personal goals.
When I think about who I’m writing for, I imagine a specific person with these key characteristics:

  • You are a business leader.
  • You are in the B2B industry.
  • You want to generate growth through technology & innovation.
  • You think a lot about how to create customer experiences that help you win and grow customers.
  • You are continuously working on your craft as a business leader and innovator and you are open to new ideas and trying new things.
  • You want to improve the quality of your thinking and decision-making.
  • You think about how to grow as a leader of people.
  • You actively work on balancing your work and personal life.

I have worked as, worked for and advised the person described above. If this sounds like you, welcome to belvido.com! Please do not hesitate to connect on my LinkedIn profile.

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This is my personal site. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

I hope you enjoy the content!

Ivan Rapin-Smith