There Is No Such Thing As a Black Belt

During my late teens and twenties, I practiced a Korean martial art called Soo Bahk Do. One peculiarity that always struck me was its belt coloring system. The progress sequence was like other martial arts like karate where you start with a white belt and progress...

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Happy 25th Birthday, Disruptive Innovation Theory

Clayton Christensen's theory on why success is so difficult to maintain still stands strong… In his 1995 HBR article and subsequent book, Clayton Christensen proposed a theory to explain why companies who were on top of their game were disappearing into oblivion....

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Good Work vs Bad Work

When your work becomes art... On February 10 1982, a team of engineers at Apple held a signing party. They were signing the hard tool that moulded the plastic case of the first Mac. Andy Hertzfeld who was there that day recounts: "The Mac team had a...

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